The Reviews Are In: Boiling Point

Rock Lines Magazine

April 7 2020, Tracy Morrow, US


“This album has left me in awe of what can be accomplished by two kids who happen to like playing music together”


“What is so sweet about this album is it feels like no one has told these guys who to be. There is a maturity to it, but also a genius way of pulling together some highly eclectic sounds.”


“They are either super-humanly talented, have a great producer, or more likely – both. The Foo-Fighters need to watch out, seriously. I love this album and can’t wait for the next one.”


Rock Generation

April 17 2020, George Fullerton, UK


“The Dodies have captured the raw essence of youth in a captivating debut album. Their desire to deliver authenticity and integrity has well and truly been achieved, as this collection of songs beckons bigger and better things to come for this excitingly ambitious duo.I hope to see them on the festival circuit across the UK in the near future.”


Rockwell Unscene

Mai 21, 2020, John Bear, US


If this is the future of garage rock, I’m moving in next door! Intelligent, emotional and big fun – love it!


Screamer Magazine

Posted on May 26, 2020 by Renee Silverman


“The 13-song album is an amalgamate of genres from punk to rock to grunge all happily coexisting.”

“without a doubt a great beginning for The Dodies.”


Jersey Beat


In the end, The Dodies deliver so many different elements to these songs that strictly referring to them as “Garage Rock” only tells part of the story.”


Front Row Report

May 19, 2020, Reggie Edwards (9/10 rating)


“Avittan’s vocals and guitar work mixed with the underrated and mind-blowing instrumental strongholds on synth-bass and drums is a combo-punch knockout that you can’t avoid but you’ll get right back in line for when the record is done”


“It might take a few listens through to really appreciate how good this record is, but when you get it, you get it and you truly appreciate it. “


With songs like “Stuck,” “Suburban Nights” and “Pussy Riot,” this is a record where no two songs sound alike and to make a record as strong as this and keep that consistency isn’t easy to do.”


“The duo of Yoni Avittan and Ran Aronson are swinging for the fences with this record and they knock it out of the park with a vast arsenal of instrumentals and they don’t let up until the very end. “


Boston Rock Radio

April 24 2020, Nina McCarthy


“I am amazed that it is only two people that have created this masterpiece.”


“The production is a perfect mix of a fantastic recording without taking out the garage band sound.”


“The one thing I really enjoy about this album is that every song is completely different, so you never know what’s coming next. I found myself wanting to rock hard, and then almost in tears throughout this journey, as the album title suggests, It’s One Hell of a Ride.”


American Pancake

March 2020, Robb Donker Curtius


“The Dodies pack a lot of punch for a duo…”


KMS Reviews

March 13, 2020, Florian Maier


“ I know bands of six guys that are not able to deliver the same amount of energy the two Israel based guys are capable of releasing. Pretty kickass, isn’t it.”


Independent music reviews

(Email from Adam. also this link which is not working )

April 29 2020, Adam Howes


“What can be said that hasn’t been said already? They’re a brilliant band, who didn’t put a foot wrong with this latest effort. You might be thinking this was a bit of brown-nosing The Dodies, and for that, I apologise. Actually, no, I don’t. Look, just go out and grab yourself a copy of It’s One Hell of a Ride. You won’t regret it. “