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THE DODIES are a young garage rock duo from the southern desert of Israel. Yoni Avittan fronts the band as lead vocalist and guitarist, as Ran Aronson sings backing vocals while simultaneously playing bass lines on keyboard with one hand and playing the entire drum kit with the other.

In February 2020, THE DODIES premiered their whimsical video for single “Boiling Point”  from their debut album It’s One Hell of a Ride. The album was produced by THE DODIES and co-producer Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal (Sons Of Apollo / ex-Guns N’ Roses). In July 2020, THE DODIES released their imaginative video for single “Alien” . Its animation was made independently by the band, featuring Yoni’s original drawings that were specifically made to envision the song’s energy.

In August 2021, THE DODIES recorded their second album Floating in Limbo in Ireland, which was also co-produced with Ron Thal. The album was released in April 2022. The first single off the album, “No Silver Lining”, was featured on Spotify’s All New Rock playlist, and was followed by a humorous TikTok-themed music video.

THE DODIES songs jump head-first into depression, alienation and rage, contrasted by hooky riffs and catchy melodies. They’re a band that puts high importance on artistic integrity and uncompromising authenticity, always giving their full spirit in the studio and on stage

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