I wrote Sell Out after our old band toured and back-lined with an Israeli pop star when we were teenagers. At the time I didn’t really see it as selling out even though the whole project was obviously more about money than music. But as I grew older I was very ashamed of the matter and realized we were taken advantage of. Many promises were made, none came to life.

It’s hard defining what a sellout is, since some people take pride in what others might be deeply ashamed of. Compromising my beliefs for a momentary satisfaction is selling out for me, but it’s hard understanding what my beliefs are in the first place. Our beliefs surely have changed since our teens when we played for insensitive idiots. One of the problems with social network today is that something you might not stand by when you come of age is still out there for people to see. That’s at least one of the reasons “social network tends to make me ill”