Since we didn’t have the biggest budget for filming the Boiling Point video, we knew we had to be creative and display “self aware” humor about it. We were happy with the results, and had fun with Monster filmmakers (an Israeli video production company) who enjoyed filming us being our goofy selves. We shot the video in Beer Sheva’s local youth center in southern Israel. We ordered pizza from a nearby pizza place for food. The pizza came hours late so we were very hungry while head banging. The videos producer ‘Netta lee’ felt very guilty about us being hungry. We didn’t tip the pizza place. Ran was sick by the end of the shoot from excessive head banging.

“I must say that it’s quite bizarre that I get no pussy and I play guitar”

I wrote the song when I was really depressed and felt nervous about having no sexual interaction with any women in my early twenty’s. I felt like I was in some sort of crossroads, like something drastic had to change in my life because I’m about to reach my boiling point.

It’ll be our first single from our upcoming full-length debut album “It’s One Hell of a Ride” (April 2020 release) that is available now at all digital music sites. The song, as well as the album was produced by Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal (Sons Of Apollo/ ex- Guns N’ Roses) who flew all the way to stinky Beer Sheva after touring with the band “Yes” in order to produce this album with us.